Favors & Favorites

  • Caricaturists


      Caricatures will liven up any event.  One might even say, “We really draw a crowd!”  It is fun to...


  • Air Brush Tee Shirts Hats and caps

    Air Brush Tee Shirts Hats and caps

    Have a custom "One of a kind"  T-Shirt,Hat,Scrubs,Tank tops and more...Our Artist and one assistant can produce about 50-60 items...


  • Big Inflatable Chair

    Big Inflatable Chair

        This Huge inflatable Chair is combined with oversized props will make you look like a little kid. We...


  • Cow Milking Contest

    Cow Milking Contest

    COW MILKING CONTEST Real funny simulator where kids and adults compete against each other. The one who can collect the...