Most of the prices quoted on this site are valid within the JPZ regional area shown on the map. There may be some exceptions which are dependent upon the time of year, day of week and type of entertainment needed.

This is especially true when it comes to performers and special shows whose price is based on their area of operation. In order to book a specific type of entertainment we require detailed information about your party such as: exact date, time of each event, exact address of the location, and payment information.

At the time of booking we require a deposit in the form of a major credit card or a check. The remaining balance is due at the time the service is provided.

All deposits are 30% and applicable to another date of mutual agreement. When you book an outdoor event you should have a rain date. We will try our best to accommodate your rain dates (but they are not guaranteed) unless you would like to pay an additional 50% non refundable deposit for another date held. It is better to have rain dates a week later than the next day as we have a week in between for us to reschedule you.  We will try to accommodate you with another date if available or different type of entertainment for your party. Substitutions may apply.

Please call as early as possible for us to help you. In situations where your outdoor event may be jeopardized by unfavorable weather, it is best that you postpone your party at least one day prior to the day of the event during our normal office hours (Mon-Fri 11:00-6:00). If we arrive as scheduled and it rains once we have begun you are liable for making payment in full. Be advised that most of our rides cannot be operated in the rain due to safety reasons (slippery surfaces, electric shock hazard, etc.)

We reserve the right to stop the operation of our rides at any time if the existing situations present danger to the ride users. Such may include, but are not limited to, rain, excessive wind, lightning, power failure, uncooperative crowd etc. Our goal is to make your experience with JPZ Entertainment a pleasant one and your safety is our biggest concern. We look forward to making your next event a magical occasion.

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