Dry Slides

  • Saber Tooth Slide

    Saber Tooth Slide

      SABER TOOTH SLIDE 30x19x27H - A giant slide for all ages Requires three - 20 amp dedicated outlets...


  • Screamer Slide

    Screamer Slide

      SCREAMER SLIDE A giant 22ft high slide for all ages Requires three 20 amp dedicated outlets *NON NJ...


  • Spider Slide

    Spider Slide

    SPIDER SLIDE Four sided25x25x8H slide for ages 3 thru 8 Requires one - 20 amp dedicated outlet Call For Pricing...


  • Giant Slide

    Giant Slide

        GIANT SLIDES 15-25 FT tALL - Minimum hEIGHT 36 INCHES Requires one to two amp dedicated outlets Call...


  • Shark Slide

    Shark Slide

      SHARK SLIDE 30x19x25H - A whale of a slide for all ages Maximum weight for ride 250lbs. Requires three...


  • Titanic Slide

    Titanic Slide

    TITANIC SLIDE Dual Lane 25H - Giant Slide shaped like a sinking titanic. A real hit for your next party...


  • Space Shuttle Slide

    Space Shuttle Slide

    SPACE SHUTTLE SLIDE 25x22x35H - That's right full 36ft tall Twists and turns like a real Shuttle Great for all...


  • Fire Truck Slide

    Fire Truck Slide

    FIRE ENGINE SLIDE 28x11x15 high slide for ages 3 - teens Requires one 20 amp dedicatd outlet Call For Pricing...