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Party Packages

These JPZ packages are tried and true for over 20 years. They have been designed strictly for First birthdays, Christenings and small birthday family parties. Since they are discounted, they are not available for larger events such as block parties, fairs, company events etc. Due to high volume demand for the family entertainers in May, June and December some times there may be additional charges for the entertainer of your choice that is included in the packages. We have a few High end Family enterainers that we recommend as the best performers for the packages below.

First some information about the enclosed packages.

Getting Started

Before you actually book a show you must have a definite place, date, & time for your party, especially if you are having your party out of your home. We recommend that you book a catering hall at least 3 months in advance. If you are planning to have your party during the months of April, May, June, Oct. or Dec. you should book your catering hall at least 6 months in advance. Due to holidays, weddings and communions, these are the busiest months of the year for parties. To insure your date & time you must book early.

If you are in need of selecting a hall we’ll be glad to recommend a few for your consideration. Remember the sooner you set your date, place & time of party, the sooner you can go ahead and book your entertainment.

Selecting the right entertainment for your party:

It is important to keep in mind that you must suit the entertainment to the entire group of people at the party. For instance the most misunderstood party of all is the 1st birthday or Christening. Many times a customer has requested a clown for their child’s first birthday. With no offense to our clown friends, a clown is a poor choice for a first birthday party. Most first birthdays are held in a hall. Usually there are anywhere from 40-100 adults and 15-30 children. The children’s ages vary from one year olds through teenagers. Generally speaking, most children 3 years and under may be frightened by the clown due to his colorful personality. And children 7 years old may feel that clowns are for babies. This is why it is imperative that you book a family entertainer for a first birthday. An entertainer that will entertain the children as well as the adults. What is a family entertainer? Usually a comic-magician, ventriloquist, animal act, juggler etc.

What’s important is that the performer is used to working in adult and children venues. This assures you a successful show that will keep the children and the adults entertained as well as make a great lasting impression on your guests and future references to your party. Many parents sometime feel its not important to entertain the adults, however you really cant do a good job for children if 80 adults are speaking in the same room. To get the most out our your entertainment budget the family performers will make a event that’s truly memorable. Feel free to speak to us about any of your concerns.

At JPZ Entertainment Inc. we suggest that you ask as many questions as possible, such as what do you recommend? What are the performer’s credentials? Do you have anymore information you can send me about the performer. Such as pictures, resume & promotional kit and of course how much does he/she charge. Believe it or not most agencies don’t know which performer they are sending you until the day before your party. They sell a basic show. Not the actual performer. And you wondered why you didn’t get what was promised over the telephone! It may just be the agent was so anxious to get the booking or he/she over looked the most important part of the business, you, the customer. We at JPZ Entertainment Inc. work strictly on referrals and 90% call backs. Because we take the time to recommend the most suitable entertainment for your occasion. The act that you select is fully described to you in detail. A brochure on any specific act can also be attained upon request and we assure you that all of our entertainers are full time professionals who truly care about delivering no less than their very best performance. And if you won’t take our word - ask around, our reputation is unsurpassed. Sure, we may sound over confident, but would you expect anything less? The occasion we are discussing may come only once in a lifetime and we would sincerely like to help in making it more than magical.

So take time today to look over our brochure & give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in making your most successful party ever.

Party Package #1
Party Package #2
Party Package #3
Party Package #4
Party Package #5
Carnival Party Package #1
Carnival Party Package #2


A thank you from this week's customer for his Son's First Birthday.

I'm writing this note to thank you and your team for excellent execution of our Son's birthday party.
George (DJ) was excellent in the way he conducted through the entire program, the Photographer (Rita) was nice..we really liked the pictures and would like to see if we can get some additional photo sessions from her.
I'm not able to recollect names of the people that were in animal characters or the bouncy setup, they were great and children really enjoyed their respective shows.
Lastly your show was tremendous, everyone enjoyed your show and we couldn't ask for more. It was a truly memorable event that was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.
Thanks once again John and pls convey our wishes to other members of your team as well. We will look forward to working with you again in future.