• Jeff’s Bubble Trouble Show

    Jeff’s Bubble Trouble Show

    A bubble volcano. A bubble roller coaster. But you put a kid inside a bubble?   Jeff's takes bubbles to the...


  • Krazy Kevin Circus Skills and Shows

    Krazy Kevin Circus Skills and Shows

    “Safe Distance One Man Circus Show”!  It is a fun packed 40-45 minute show with juggling (bags, clubs, knives, fire torches),...


  • Andy as Wonka the Magician

    Andy as Wonka the Magician

     Andy has entertained over two million people live in person and amazed them all.  He is a four-time World Record Holder who...


  • Randy the Magician

    Randy the Magician

    "In a time when we’re all craving connection, Randy was able to create an experience that engaged, entertained and mystified...


  • Rich the Juggler

    Rich the Juggler

    Catchy Comedy! Ideal for private events and festival stages. “An engaging family entertainment program for children and families— non-stop comedy...


  • Dan And Conrad

    Dan And Conrad

    Dan and Conrad Birdee have been performing together for over 40 years. Dan is a master ventriloquist as well as...


  • Mustache Magic

    Mustache Magic

    MAGIC, LAUGHS& MORE! Perfect for kids ages 5-12 along with parents, grandparents, and other caregivers! This show is based on...


  • Christopher Mind Illusionist

    Christopher Mind Illusionist

    MAGIC OF THE MIND... AND BEYOND! Magician/Mentalist,   Christopher, takes you on a rollicking funhouse ride through the Twilight Zone, captivating...


  • Johnny’s Dog Show

    Johnny’s Dog Show

      Johnny's Dogs have appeared on Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus and on David Letterman! Johnny's Dog show...