Rich the Juggler

Catchy Comedy!

Ideal for private events and festival stages.

“An engaging family entertainment program for children and families— non-stop comedy and amazing circus skills!” Rich thrills and enchants the crowd with friendly and fun interactive comedy.


All Together Now

This library program draws on Rich’s rich career spanning from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to Big Apple Circus. His offbeat and endearing persona has shared the teamwork and togetherness of the circus in venues large and small, around the world, for decades.

After decades in show business as a performer, writer, sound technician, lighting designer, prop maker, director, choreographer, costume designer, stage manager, producer, promoter, box office manager, and chief basket weaver, Rich has discovered nobody can do it alone. In this highly interactive performance for all ages, Rich creates a circus in your venue, only with the aid and abetment of you, the lovely audience, underscoring the need for collaboration and teamwork.


he Magic Show

Sleight of hand. Legerdemain. Prestidigitation. Some good old-timey magic, a card trick or two, some witty banter, and some deft illusion performed by a juggler on his day off. If you have a few spare million bucks, hire Penn and Teller.

Otherwise, Rich is your guy.

The Un-Magic Show!

Just good clean fun — your audience will be rolling! Rest assured, it isn’t a magic show. Borrowing from his circus roots, and a deeply sardonic outlook, this occasionally intelligent simp will delight and amaze. A chicken, some whoopie cushions, and some mime (which he narrates thoroughly to allay confusion). If magic happens in this show, it’s entirely accidental. This interactive atmosphere of delight plays on multiple levels to leave adults laughing and kids hooting. It’s good clean fun — but the real magic is how Rich captures your heart — without surgery!


He’s tall. He’s very tall. And then he puts on his stilts and gets even taller.

Enjoy Rich and his antics year round, or on a specific holiday!

Daddy Longlegs!

Interactive fun. He greets guests with equisite cheer, and brings a fun, authentic energy, occasionally engaging in high-end hi-jinks!


The Giant Zombie

He’s a good guy to have around when things fall apart. Because of all people, he understands, even if his brain is half decomposed!


You better watch out. No really, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This Santa is able to keep an eye on you from a bird’s eye view.

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