Ari P

Ari has been doing magic since he was twelve years old. At that tender age while visiting Las Vegas his father noticed a magic shop and purchased a few tricks to practice with. He was instantly drawn to this art form and became obsessed with it and has been working at it ever since. He has now mastered numerous amounts of tricks and illusion techniques. By the time he was 22 years old he had entertained scores of friends and acquaintances and because they all seemed to love it he decided to advertise himself and go public.

He started by offering his services to such restaurants as TGI Fridays, Applebees and others. He did well and realized he was on his way.

He then expanded his performances to such venues as the Relay for Life Cancer Foundation and other fund raising events, grand openings for convenience stores and many others. In no time he received offers at these gatherings to do parties and other events.
He began accumulating testimonials from his satisfied customers and there was not one show where he was not held in high esteem for his services. At times he has received standing ovations at large gatherings.

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