Legendary DJ/Entertainer, amazing Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Nightclubs, Bars and The Best Night Of Music and interaction of any crowd


"One Of A Kind"

By combining State of the Art Music equipment and High Energy interaction, Jeff Produces Fun for all..
Jeff also does a "Name That TV Tune/Type Show" for your guests in the middle of his Music.
Expect many costume changes as well as large signs through out the night of his intention as well as video monitors and live action of the night.


Choose from  one of his energetic and unique entertainers, MC Chris, MC Ross, MC Brian, or MC Tommy running your event.
Our cast is full of Highly talented performers (all with Broadway experience), changing into spectacular costumes.FUN GIVEAWAYS handed out at the start of the hour
OUR CAST mingling with your guestsconfetti cannons
robocolors, pyrotechnics (indoor fireworks)
#1, our 10Ft inflatable Hip Hop dancer
25-foot or 9-foot air puppets & much more
Intelligent lighting
data flashes
distributed throughout the party.
This includes a separate DJ and licensed electricians (not performers) to set up the stage and assist with the production of the event.

And of course, the Famous Television Trivia Game



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