Fun Group Games

  • Go Carts   inflatable

    Go Carts inflatable

    We have 8 Karts. 4 for children and 4 adult size.They are battery operated. Can be set up indoor or...


  • Twister Laydown and Spinner

    Twister Laydown and Spinner

    GIANT SIZE TWISTER GAME 14x12 Giant twister pad. Great old time multiplayer game...


  • Boccer Ball

    Boccer Ball

    BOCCER BALL A game that offers good "old fashioned" fun and excitement for everyone. Players compete one on one in...


  • Lazer Tag Maze

    Lazer Tag Maze

        LAZER TAG MAZE 20x30 inflatable maze where up to 6 players search each other out and score using...


  • All Star Basketball

    All Star Basketball

    Inflatable Double Hoop shot basketball. Great fun for everyone! This game keeps kids and adults busy for hours. Side by...


  • Meltdown – Multi Player Action Game

    Meltdown – Multi Player Action Gam

    Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. Not one but two spinning boom...


  • Wild West Inflatable Shoot Out

    Wild West Inflatable Shoot Out

                Get Ready......GET SET......DRAW! There is a new sheriff in town and you are up...


  • Casino Parties with Dealers

    Casino Parties with Dealers

      Casino Parties For Entertainment purposes ONLY We can provide casino equipment and  dealers or just the equipment for you to run...


  • Pitch Burst

    Pitch Burst

      A great alternative to the original Dunk Tank. All you need to do is throw the ball, hit the...