Sports Challenges

  • Wild One

    Wild One

    WILD ONE ROLLER COASTER 30WX101LX24H 3-piece obstacle course provides wonderful interactivefun indoors or outdoors. Two competitors race at the same...


  • Crash Course

    Crash Course

    CRASH COURSE 58LX30WX24H Oval shape for ages 4 and higher. With this figure 8 track the figure 8 obstacle challenge...


  • Games Galore

    Games Galore

        GAMES GALORE 12x12 set of inflated games like Frisbee throw Velcro Ball, Baseball or Basketball for ages 3...


  • Wrecking Ball

    Wrecking Ball

      INFLATABLE WRECKING BALL The Wrecking Ball or Human Demolition Ball Dimensions: 28ft x 28ft x 18ft Do you have...


  • Inflatable Speed Pitch

    Inflatable Speed Pitch

      SPORTS ARENA 20x12 sports speed cage with interchangeable themes: football, baseball, soccer. Comes with radar speed pitch gun &...


  • Swamper Stomper Obstacle Course

    Swamper Stomper Obstacle Course

    SWAMPER STOMPER 45lx12wx14h This obstacle course combines all the best features in one huge game. Race your opponent through the...


  • Gladiator Joust

    Gladiator Joust

      GLADIATOR JOUST 22X15 Knock your opponent off his pedestal onto a inflatable cushion. For ages 5 and up Requires...