Celebrity Appearances

  • Bobby Collins

    Bobby Collins

    Comedian Bobby Collins has an ability to truthfully translate the human condition. Audiences across the country relate to his comedic...


  • Dick Capri

    Dick Capri

      Dick Capri has taken the comedy world by storm and has left millions laughing in his comedic wake.  In...


  • Stewie Stone

    Stewie Stone

    Pick a topic and comedian Stewie Stone will have a comment or retort crafted to evoke the most laughter from...


  • Jeffrey Ross

    Jeffrey Ross

    Jeff Ross, is an American stand-up comedian, insult comic, actor, directorand author. His skill in doing high-profile celebrity roasts and his...


  • Dom Irrera

    Dom Irrera

    When Dom Irrera takes the stage, he does not simply get on it, he owns it! Dom projects a singular...


  • Bill Boggs

    Bill Boggs

      Bill is the perfect Keynote speaker for any occasion. One of John's Favorite Public Speakers!   Bill Boggs is...


  • Steve Schirripa

    Steve Schirripa

      Steve Schirripa was born in Brooklyn, NY – a city noted more for the “mob” stereotype.  But stereotypes, like...


  • Jimmie Walker  JJ Walker Dynomite

    Jimmie Walker JJ Walker Dynomite

      Rising from the streets of New York's ghettos to television superstardom, Jimmie Walker personifies the great American success story....


  • Judy Tenuta

    Judy Tenuta

    Passed away .. We love her and will miss her!   Judy Tenuta is the most famous person who has...