BMX Bike Show



A Character Assembly Program that Focuses on the Importance of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. 

A character building school assembly program is one component to help your school be effective in promoting a positive and safe academic environment for students. Our BMX assembly program is a great way to support your involvement in promoting good character.

Character counts coalition

Character education in schools can reduce many of the most concerning issues in education while developing a positive and safe environment for students. However, In order for character education to be successful, everyone must be involved. This includes schools, faculty, parents, and community members.

Let’s face it, Students don’t want to hear boring lectures! A BMX Stunt Show is an exciting and engaging school assembly program that ensures students will listen and learn during the exciting show performance. The Pro BMX stunt athletes give students positive messages during an energetic and action-packed performance of incredible bmx tricks and stunts your students will love! how

Shows run 40 min. And require electric.

Size requirements: the preferable show area size is 40′X 100′. However, the picture above is a pre-show set up size for 500 to 600 students. Some schools have students seated on the ground while others allow them to bring their chairs. If you are doing show indoors, the general rule has been to seat the students around the area as illustrated above starting from the outside first and working inward. Whatever space that is left is ours to work with. Sometimes the area is tight, but we are capable of making it work.

School Assembly Show Setup: the general flatland & ramp show set-up time is approx. 15 minutes or less. To reduce setup time, be sure that any access gates are unlocked and ready for the team. Most teams do carry their own power generator. However, a back up power source is recommended.

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