Jackie F

Having appeared at all the big Atlantic City and Catskills Resorts, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnegie Hall and Westbury Music Fair, Comedian Jack Fontana started out as a musician and singer, who was on tour with Fabian, Bobby Darren, Connie Francis, Frankie Avalon and other stars. While doing his drum solo, he would tell stories, make funny faces and tell jokes. Getting a good reaction from the audience, he decided to put a routine together and be a stand-up comic. He started out by driving buses of senior citizen on weekends to the Catskills and then change into a tux, to do his comedy routine, change again, and then drive the bus back. No one on any of his buses ever caught on!! He has had many thrills in his life, but one of his biggest was opening for Buddy Rich – his idol.  Happy doing his comedy routine, interacting with the audience, doing impressions and twisting his face to look like famous people, he likes to see people laugh and have a good time, and is happy to bring that to them with most of his material coming from events that have happened in his life.

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