Remote controlled Racing Cars


rc32 3


How much space do you need?

Space requirements is a 20 by 20 ft area for best results.


What are the payment terms?

A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to secure your date. The balance is due the day of the event or on the last day of multiple day events.


What are the electrical requirements?

All electric for our track must be within 100 feet of setup.


  • R/C Track requires 1-110 volt, 15 amp outlets



What type of outside surface can you setup on?

Most any type of outdoor surface will work. Asphalt, grass, stone, dirt, concret we’ve been there. The surface under the track needs to be relatively flat, level and well draining in case of rain. If a tent is required it must be able to be anchored. Our tents require 30” stakes to be driven in or water barrels to be secured. Stakes we provide, water barrels if needed must be provided by the client.


Can you setup outside?

Yes, we can setup outside. Our electronics are sensitive to extreme heat and moisture. If there is a chance of rain or heat in excess of 80 degrees shelter is required. For an additional fee, we can provide tents for all operations.

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