Rocco the Magician


Rocco Silano was born June 12, 1962, in Paterson, New Jersey.

When Rocco read that Elvis died reading the Bible, it intrigued him and motivated him to also study the Bible.

Reading about the Miracles performed by Jesus Christ was what initially inspired Rocco to study Magic. He admired Slydini,Dai Vernon and Channing Pollock.

Early on in his career, Rocco studied with and was managed by sleight-of-hand expert and Tony Slydini protege Bill Wisch.

Later, Rocco was introduced to Slydini by Bill, and Rocco took lessons with Slydini as well.

Rocco created and perfected his own style of Magic. Described by the late Harry Blackstone, Jr. as "the epitome of real magic," Rocco carries with him all of the elements so crucial for "extraordinary magic."

He has traveled the world many times over to share his wonderful brand of Magic. Rocco is most known for his extraordinary sleight of hand skill.

In 1987, he won Sigfried and Roy's "Complete Conjurer" title in Las Vegas, and the "Jimmy Grippo best close-up" award.

Rocco is the recipient of the Merlin and Golden Lion Awards, a two-time winner of the coveted MAC award (Manhattan Association of Cabarets), and has been nominated nine times as Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in four different categories.

Rocco won his first FISM award (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) in 1994 in Yokohama, Japan.

He went to Sweden in 2006 to compete again at FISM, and won a Special Award for being "The World's Most Original Magician FISM 2006," He is the only American ever to win at FISM Twice.

On television, Rocco starred in the VH1 hit reality series Celebracadabra.

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