Steve C

Steve C is a nationally known children's entertainer, magician, ventriloquist, radio programmer, songwriter, children’s author, and recording artist.

Steve performs about 150 times a year. His comedy act of magic, music and ventriloquism has taken him from Africa to California. His radio program, “Knock On Wood” has aired on various stations around the country for 25 years. He’s been profiled in the New Yorker and has written dozens of songs for Jim Henson’s “Bear in the Big Blue House” a program that airs daily on the Disney Channel. His books have been published by Crown, Troll, Metacom, Meadowbrook Press and Scholastic. Steve’s latest book is “Kids’ Kookiest Riddles” by Sterling Publishing, a division of Barnes and Noble.

Harry, Steve’s dummy, has been getting on people’s nerves for over 25 years and yet, by his own estimation he’s only 8. His ability to make kids and adults laugh is the only reason why Steve keeps him around. His hobbies include questioning authority, disorganized rebellion and whittling. He prefers to be called a wooden american.

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