Ventriloquist Jonathan

Jonathan and his puppet partners have enchanted audiences of all ages and sizes throughout the USA and beyond. They have appeared on the nationally seen television programs: Late Night (NBC), Hour Magazine (FOX), The Joe Franklin Show (WOR), Dialogue (ABC) and KTV (CNBC). Jonathan has also appeared on numerous cable TV programs, and has been featured on ABC-TV News and News-12 Long Island. National TV audiences have also seen Jonathan and Friends in several anti-drug PSAs. Their award-winning videos have been seen in thousands of schools across the country.

Jonathan is widely acclaimed for his mesmerizing, hilarious venriloquist shows for a wide variety of audiences, including kids/family/adult events and corporate entertainment. He was the ventriloquist consultant for the 2013 Tina Fey movie, Admission, teaching Tina's co-star, Nat Wolff, how to play a ventriloquist for his role in the movie.

Jonathan is renowned for his unique shows for Jewish audiences. Fluent in Yiddish and fairly fluent in Hebrew, Jonathan's shows include "Maccabee Mishegoss" for Hanukah, "Megillah Mishegoss" for Purim, and "Mish Mash" for any other Jewish (or non-Jewish) event or occasion, including fundraisers, summer camps, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, bar/bat-mitzahs, sheva brochos, and more...

Jonathan has been sponsored by the New York City Board of Ed. to perform his popular anti-drug show, We're No Dummies, We Don't Take Drugs, at schools and housing projects throughout the city, and has written and been featured in a series of anti-drugs Public Service Announcements on national TV.

He has written, co-produced and starred in the award-winning educational children’s video series, Puppet Power! and Puppet Pride! and Fun with the Alefbet! These videos, and others, feature a variety of Jonathan’s unique puppet pals, and have been used in thousands of schools and other institutions throughout North America and beyond.

Jonathan currently offers these educational shows: All Together - Against Bullying!; We're No Dummies, We Don't Take Drugs!; We Take Care! (Health & Safety); Earth Mirth! (Protecting the Environment)

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