Comedy Murder Mystery Shows

Our hilarious shows are completely interactive and fun, fun, fun!

Whether it's a restaurant, catering hall or a private home, if you've got a venue, we've got a show!

And don't forget - our characters engage your guests and some of them even get to be part of the show!

Doing an unusual event near Halloween, we supplied “A SLAYING WITH THE STEINS” for a group in Pennsylvania -- with obvious comedic results!.

In this case,  the audience came up with a “bawdy” solution to the crime. But since our ending IS selected by the ballots from the audience-- we just went with it-- and everyone had fun!

Our fun-filled parody of an Awards Show “SOAP SUDS OF DEATH” brought our group of competitive villains into an otherwise relaxed corporate dinner.  

The audience came up with a solution that pointed the finger at one of the actors, but also the head of the company!  All in all, a great evening of entertainment -- for us as well.


1. SCRIPTED SHOWS:   Our shows are fully scripted like a professional play yet totally interactive.    

2. PROFESSIONAL ACTORS: Our actors are full-time professionals who are fully trained in theatre and improvisation.

3. THE AUDIENCE DECIDES THE ENDING:  Our shows are designed so that the audience chooses the killer and the actors act out the best answer.  


Some Murder Mystery companies inform the guests of a murder that "happened" before they arrived.

We have our characters interact right at the beginning, and have the audience wonder about who MIGHT be the victim.

When the murder DOES occur, (caused by anything from poison to electrocution), we present a hilarious death scene, often taking place in and around the audience.

After that, accusations fly and a "detective" uncovers the clues that will help the audience select the killer.

Our collection of comedy Murder Mysteries includes a cast of four to six professional actors.  Although we primarily work in the Tri-State area (New York, NJ and PA), we are happy to travel anywhere to enhance your event.

Laughs abound as your guests interact with the characters and watch one of them die dramatically.

Then your guests get to play detective and figure out who did it and why.  An evening of entertainment at a reasonable price.

Available Shows:

"Peggy Sue Got Murdered" a 1950’s Reunion

"Clueless" a Living Board Game

"A Slaying At The Speakeasy" 1920’s Speakeasy

"The Sopranini's" a Gangster Parody

"Bankers Misbehaving"

"Liquidation At The Fed"

"Soap Suds Of Death"

"A Murder Among The Spirits"

"Cause Of Death"

"Forensic Convention"

"Servant School"

"The Butler Did It"

"Kill For The Gold"

"Olympic Reunion"

"Murder On The HMS Gigantic"

"Murder On The Unique Express"

"Bloodshed Under The Bigtop"

"Circus Of Secrets"

"Disco Queen Comeback"

"Death Of A Disco Diva"

"Killed By Cupid's Arrow"

"Couple's Encounter"

"Green Beer Of Death"

"Death By Enchantment"

"New Orleans Night Club"

"A Nightmare On Bourbon St"

"A Slaying With The Steins"

"Hallows Eve Homicide"

"Foul Play On The Holiday"

"Holiday Family Feud"

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