Mechanical Rides

  • Berry Ride

    Berry Ride

    APPLE RIDE Requires a 25ft circular area Children walk inside this giant apple & turn it around & around using...


  • Mini Ferris Wheel

    Mini Ferris Wheel

    MINI FERRIS WHEEL Requires 20ft circular area. Small version of teh big ferris wheel Seats 10 to 20 children Ages...


  • Rodeo Roper

    Rodeo Roper

      RODEO ROPER Play a cowboy on this mechanical horse and rope a moving calf in front of you. For...


  • Super Fun Slide

    Super Fun Slide

    The Fun Slide is always a family favorite. The Fun Slide has 3 lanes capable of 3 riders at a...


  • Whirlwind Swing Ride

    Whirlwind Swing Ride

    Portable trailer mounted version of the ride. It can take up to 16 children at a time, its electric powered...


  • Mechanical Rock Wall

    Mechanical Rock Wall

    MECHANICAL ROCK WALL Extreme Rock Wall Just like the real thing. Strap on a harness and try your best to...


  • Kiddie Flying Swings Jr

    Kiddie Flying Swings Jr

    Kiddie Flying Swings Jr Portable trailer mounted ride. Good for kids 3-6. Call for pricing in your area...


  • 4 In 1 Euro Bungee

    4 In 1 Euro Bungee

    Get the 4 In 1 Euro Bungee for your next party or event and have a flipping good time! You...


  • Mechanical Bull

    Mechanical Bull

    We have several types of Mechanical Bulls. The Standard which is round. Footprint of  20’ x 20’ x 10' headroom...