Mechanical Rides

  • 4 In 1 Euro Bungee

    4 In 1 Euro Bungee

    Get the 4 In 1 Euro Bungee for your next party or event and have a flipping good time! You...


  • Mechanical Bull

    Mechanical Bull

    We have several types of Mechanical Bulls. The Standard which is round. Footprint of  20’ x 20’ x 10' headroom...


  • Dumbo Elephant Ride

    Dumbo Elephant Ride

    DUMBO THE ELEPHANT Requires a 40ft circular area Up to 8 children can ride at a time. Ages 3 -...


  • Dixie Twister aka Flying Swings

    Dixie Twister aka Flying Swings

      DIXIE TWISTER Requires 40ft by 40 by 15 Seats 24 people at once It's trailer mounted comes with its own...


  • Water Race Trailer

    Water Race Trailer

    This is one of the most popular carnival games ever. This is probably one of the most recognized games and...


  • Hot Air Balloon Rides

    Hot Air Balloon Rides

    We offer hot air balloons for many different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.  You can have an experienced...


  • Mobile Zip Line

    Mobile Zip Line

      The sky is the limit with our mobile zip line. Spanning up to 300 feet in length, we are...


  • Carousel – Large

    Carousel – Large

    Having a large event and need a Classic ? We can help........


  • Round Up

    Round Up

    This ride is an awesome eye soar. It is essentially a "gravitron" on a 50 degree angle. This ride can...