Fun Activities

  • Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos

    Our nontoxic, washable body paint is perfect for creating one-of-a-kind designs - on you! Guests can choose from sporty themes,...


  • Wire Arts

    Wire Arts

    Wire Arts Let our artists do the twist! Our fantastic wire sculptors transform straight pieces into names, messages, or words...


  • Remote controlled Racing Cars

    Remote controlled Racing Cars

    FAQ          How much space do you need? Space requirements is a 20 by 20 ft area for best...


  • Brain Wash Game show

    Brain Wash Game show

      The Brain Wash Game Show is the core show from which all other games have been created. Although this...


  • Glitter Tattoos

    Glitter Tattoos

    What are Glitter Tattoos? Glitter Tattoo's are a temporary tattoo that will last for approximately 7 days.  The tattoo stencil...


  • Spin Art

    Spin Art

    Make your own Spin Art on either paper or a frisbee. Display your paper creation in a cardboard frame. Children keep coming...


  • Casino Parties with Dealers

    Casino Parties with Dealers

      Casino Parties For Entertainment purposes ONLY We can provide casino equipment and  dealers or just the equipment for you to run...


  • Casino Rentals

    Casino Rentals

    Casino Rentals For Entertainment purposes ONLY All tables come complete with chips, cards and accessories.  Chairs must be provided by...