Jon K


Jon is a true New Vaudevillian

His skills include



-Hundreds of Characters

-Clowning - Face Painting, -Tattoos -

and more-----


awarded the title 'NYC's Plum Craziest Performer', Jon is that rarest of entertainers, one who instantly develops a special rapport with his audience. Armed with virtually every variety skill, Jon is a true Multi-Talent who's quick wit and talent for improvisation keeps audiences amused and amazed. With experience ranging from Broadway, TV and Films to performances from Atlantic City to Kenya, whether performing on stage or interactively throughout the audience, Jon is the perfect choice to entertain for corporations, colleges, festivals, parties and events of every description. As his ebullient self, or as one of the dozens of characters he conjures up, with literally hundreds of costumes at hand, Jon will keep the audieince laughing and dazzled with his high energy antics and impressive array of talents.
'A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men!'

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