Stephen the Magic Man

Stephen the Magic Man, Brings THE FUN.

10,000 Kids, Teens, Adults & Families CAN'T be wrong!


He treats your guests like ROYALTY and "KNOCKS THEIR SOCKS OFF" with awesome Magic, illusion Fun & Surprises!

One of the busiest and most sought after party and event entertainers in the New Jersey/ New York region.

From a small  house party to a catering hall to a packed auditorium- Stephen will add many Magical memories

With his hip, witty, wise cracking humor, COOL magic and wonder-filled illusions PLUS adorable live animals and FUN audience participation

3-5 years?
 5-7 years?
 8-11 years?
The younger ones want whimsical, colorful and silly ... The older ones want COOL, HIP and FUN!
*Stephen has various routines and magic illusions specifically designed for the different ages of children.


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