• Donald Trump Impersonator

    Donald Trump Impersonator

    Bob has established himself as one of the most dynamic acts on stage. With a sarcastic and edgy wit coupled...


  • John Lennon Impersonator

    John Lennon Impersonator

    The Beatles were the most influential band in rock n' roll history. The music-timeless. The personalities-legendary. Relive some of the...


  • Impersonator Holly

    Impersonator Holly

    Holly has thrilled audiences from coast-to-coast with her assortment of celebrity impersonations and comedy, providing world-class entertainment for all events....


  • Impersonator Linwood

    Impersonator Linwood

    Linwood  has performed Internationally and around the country as a Master of Ceremonies, Impersonator and Broadway Director. An expert at physical...


  • Celebrity Impersonator Elaine

    Celebrity Impersonator Elaine

    Elaine has very impressive credentials, to include being one of the Top Professional Lookalike Tribute Artists in the US for many...


  • Richie S Elvis Tribute Singer

    Richie S Elvis Tribute Singer

    Being exposed to Elvis at the early age of eight, Richie was instantly a fan! As the oldest of three...


  • Michele Impersonations

    Michele Impersonations

    An acclaimed celebrity impersonator Michele is a virtual dead ringer for Sarah Palin! Her Palin credits include being hand selected...


  • Julie B Tribute to Mr.Sinatra

    Julie B Tribute to Mr.Sinatra

    Julie is one of the most exciting singers in music today. Since her career began, she has appeared on some...


  • Russ “The Sinatra Experience”

    Russ “The Sinatra Experience”

    Russ is a performer who invokes a style and presence that is reminiscent of the immortal Frank Sinatra. His goal...