School & Camp Shows

  • Laser Light show assembly program

    Laser Light show assembly program

      The clips above is for our Holiday Show- School Assemblies That Make a Difference! Each year,  our laser show brings...


  • Brain Wash Game show

    Brain Wash Game show

      The Brain Wash Game Show is the core show from which all other games have been created. Although this...


  • Worlds Greatest Marionette show

    Worlds Greatest Marionette show

    Scot is a puppeteer at the top of his game. His seasoned performing skills are on display in nearly every...


  • The Amazing Side Show

    The Amazing Side Show

    A live show of Classic Circus and sideshow performers that will SHOCK- AMAZE-AMUSE and Scare you. Shows can range from...


  • Jonathan B

    Jonathan B

    Jonathan B     Family Events Jonathan Magic means family magic, and family magic is for everyone. He’ll make a...


  • RJL


    R.J. ’s  unique style of family-friendly comedy complements his creative skills that involve the audience in a show that is...


  • Inflatable Movie screen

    Inflatable Movie screen

    Giant Inflatable Movie Screen  Movie Nights! Just got better,,,,,,, Our 20by13 Movie screen is a perfect addition any outdoor event,...