• BMX Bike Show

    BMX Bike Show

      A Character Assembly Program that Focuses on the Importance of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.  A character...


  • Dikki The Circus Performer

    Dikki The Circus Performer

    Dikkie is one of the only Circus performer whom for your event can walk on a "Slack Wire" He will...


  • Skee Ball Arcade Games

    Skee Ball Arcade Games

      Classic Skee Ball for your next event.  ...


  • Racing Simulator

    Racing Simulator

    We have many arcade games to choose from. Contact us for updated lists  ...


  • Worlds Greatest Marionette show

    Worlds Greatest Marionette show

    Scot is a puppeteer at the top of his game. His seasoned performing skills are on display in nearly every...


  • Face Painters

    Face Painters

    We have High end and simple. Please ask for more information.  ...


  • Hose Hockey

    Hose Hockey

      HOSE HOCKEY 5x10 Inflatable hockey game for up to 6 players. Use attached air hoses to push a sponge...


  • Ping Pong Table

    Ping Pong Table

    We have standard size ping pong tables for your event. Whether or not you want to get in a tournament...